COVoice is a stand-alone turn-key voicemail/call processing system for hotels and businesses. It is designed exclusively for the Mitel family of PBX’s. COVoice integrates with the SX-50, SX-200 and SX-2000 PBX’s via COV/Superset ports.

COVoice is available in configurations from 4 to 24 ports, in 4 port increments. COVoice is the innovative definition of true Computer Telephony (CT), offering full-featured CT voice processing solutions. The COVoice product provides you with powerful, intelligent, versatility in a variety of robust platform options.


Voicentre is a stand-alone turn-key voicemail/call processing system for hotels and businesses designed to integrate with hundreds of PBX’s via Analog/ONS ports. The Voicentre product architecture is powerful, flexible and scaleable. It delivers maximum performance and reliability without sacrificing flexibility.

Voicentre is available in configurations from 4 to 24 ports, in 4 port increments It offers maximum feature performance to meet both cost and functionality demands. Voicentre is a proven robust PC-based communication systems designed with you in mind with thousands of deployments world-wide.

Digital Link™

Digital Link is the world’s first Mitel DNIC integrated voicemail/call processing system for hotels and businesses. It provides robust Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with all Mitel PBX’s that support the Superset 430 telephone. Digital Link boasts the highest level of digital integration for Mitel SX-200, SX-2000 and ICP-3300 systems.

Digital Link is available in 8, 16 and 24 port configurations. Its a stand-alone turn-key full-featured voice processing system with a wide range of advanced capabilities, from quick, efficient call navigation to flexible control over the PBX operation. Its schedule-oriented architecture and tight PC-to-PBX integration is designed to enhance the overall functionality and architecture of the Mitel PBX.