Cloud Communications

The Cloud has reached critical mass and now is the time to migrate your communications infrastructure to it.

Enjoy all the benefits the Cloud has to offer to help streamline and increase efficiencies in your business.

Cost Savings

No more extensive capital expenditures. No more long term contracts. No more proprietary hardware. No more expensive technicians.

Its time to save money!


Our solution gives you the freedom to communicate when and where you want and on the platform of your choice.

Go mobile!

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

Integrate your technologies and your workflow into an efficent, cost effective solution.


CommPoint Guest Center™ is a Cloud Communications Platform for Hotels.

Enhance the Guest Experience: Guests enjoy HD Voice quality to access advanced features of communicating with the hotel staff and services. Customized content can be programmed on the guest phone.

Reduce Expenses Increase Profits: Signifcantly lowers your monthly phone bills. Eliminates all new and future  expensive system purchases, as well as repair and maintenance costs. One bill from one company.

Keep Existing Room Phones: You can reuse your existing analog phones to leverage your current investment. We also offer new phones.

Moblity: Our app enables the staff and management to answer, transfer and place calls anywhere, anytime on any device.
Reliablility & Redundancy: Benefit from the enhanced reliability and redundancy of a cloud-based solution. Our platform includes disaster recovery and E911 functionality.

Fully featured: Enjoy a feature-rich, future proof solution where upgrades are included and automatic. We provide you the entire solution.


CommPoint Business Center™ is a Cloud Communications Platform for business. tough enough for industrial applications and businesses.

With flexible configurations and advanced capabilites, CommPoint is a perfect solution for industrial applications.


Schools, Colleges and Universities can leverage CommPoint BusinessCenter™ to support a wide variety of applcations needed in the education vertical market.

CommPoint is perfect for a single campus or mutliple campus environment, allowing for a single dialing plan across all locations geographically independant.


Cities, Counties, and other government agencies can utilize CommPoint BusinessCenter™ to provide a robust, small, medium or large scale enterprise solution where the most security concerned features are required.

Customers can easily and quickly scale up or down the quantity of devices needed at any location, while creating a simple to use integrated communications solution.


Individual stores or shopping malls can implement the CommPoint BusinessCenter™ to provide a stand alone store communication solution or entire shopping mall wide infrastructure.

Retail property management companies can use the Store Directory feature to allow shoppers to call into a central location, search for the store they wish and be directly connected to that store quickly.


Theatres can deploy the CommPoint BusinessCenter™ for their in-theatre communcations as well as their Movie Showtime line.

Management/Staff can quickly update the currently playing shows by typing in the text they wish to have their customers hear about the movie. No more unprofessionaly sounding recordings where callers can’t hear or understand the announcements.