Voicentre is a stand-alone voicemail/call processing system designed with the flexibility to integrate with hundreds of PBX’s via Analog/ONS ports.

Both hotels and businesses alike have widely adopted Voicentre.The Hospitality package with PMS integration is included with the system. Voicentre is available in configurations from 2 to 24 ports, in 4 port increments.

The Voicentre product architecture is powerful, flexible and scaleable. It delivers maximum performance and reliability without sacrificing flexibility. It offers maximum feature performance to meet both cost and functionality demands. Voicentre is a proven robust PC-based communication system with thousands of successful deployments world-wide.


Simplified mailbox activation: With the aid of tutorial prompts, first time users may quickly and easily set-up their mailbox by recording their greeting, name and entering a security code.

Message retrieve, save, copy and delete: A user may retrieve messages in their mailbox internally or off site, save a message for future reference, copy a message to another mailbox or delete a message.

Certified, priority and private messages: Certified messages allow the user to receive a receipt in their mailbox confirming a message has been listened to by the intended receiver. Messages may be labeled priority, which forces that message to be heard first. Private messages may also be sent, which prevents a message from being copied elsewhere.

Distribution lists: This feature allows a list of mailboxes to be created and assigned a distribution list number. Once set-up, a message need only be broadcast once to this group. Many lists may be created, and over-lapping of mailboxes in broadcast groups is possible.

Message waiting lamp notification: Provided a telephone system allows for this capability, the message waiting lamp indicator on the user’s telephone becomes lit when a message has been left in that mailbox. Once the message has been listened to and saved or discarded, the message waiting lamp is turned off. If the new message is skipped or saved as new, the lamp indicator will remain on.

Fast-forward/rewind, message skip/pause: A user may fast-forward or rewind messages a pre-programmed length of time (programming time is flexible). New and saved messages may be skipped over. Finally, while listening to any message, a 15 second pause occurs, the pause may be shortened by hitting any other key during pause cycle. It may also serve as an immediate skip over new messages to saved messages. All of these features allow for dictation like capabilities.

Date and time stamping: After listening to a message, a date and time prompt may automatically be heard, indicating the date and time the message was sent. This may be programmed to be heard by the user at all times, or may be programmed manually, only to be heard by hitting the ‘6’ key during a particular message.

On/off site programming and recording: Users have complete programming capability to all available assigned features in their mailbox through touch tone on or off site, this includes recording of their outgoing mailbox message.

Password protection: Mailboxes may be assigned a security code, three to six digits in length, allowing users mailbox protection.

Offsite notification/Enhanced notification: Users may be alerted of mailbox messages by dialing out to a pager, cellular or home phone, etc., the user’s password may be entered and messages heard. Enhanced notification allows up to 10 telephone numbers or pagers or a combination of sites to be alerted, notifying each location with flexible attempts and interval between sites, stopping when a message has been retrieved.

Q & A: Mailboxes may be set-up to ask up to 99 questions, answers may be via voice, touch tone for yes and no and/or touch tone for numerals.

Multiple greetings: Users may pre-record up to 10 mailbox greetings, inserting appropriate greeting when necessary.


Centrex Compatible

Full Call Progress Support & Tone Recognition

In-band Signaling

SMDI (optional)

Over 200 PBX and Phone System Integrations Available

Pre-Programmed Configuration

Hospitality Package

Hospitality Solutions for PBX’s
VSR offers powerful computer telephony solutions to give your hotel property the competitive edge you’ve been seeking. With VSR guest messaging systems, you can decrease labor cost, increase staff efficiency, improve guest service and enhance overall satisfaction.

VSR systems directly or indirectly integrate with many popular Property Management Systems (PMS) that speak the Mitel or Richie protocol. Free with every system, VSR’s Hospitality Package is designed specifically for hotels to ensure your guests can easily access confidential, accurate, and timely messages anytime, anywhere!

Hospitality Package features:

  • Secure Guest Room Messaging
  • Message Waiting Indication
  • Remote Retrieval of Messages
  • Twenty Four Hour Access
  • Date & Time Stamp on Messages
  • Wakeup Calls
  • Single Button Access
  • Password Protection
  • Text Message Notification
  • Notification of Failed Wakeup Calls 
  • Welcome message

PMS Integration features:
With PMS integration, your VSR system will automatically clear messages, pending wakeup calls, and message waiting lamps when guests check in or out.

  • Automatic Check-In/Check-Out
  • Automatic Password Assignment
  • Room Transfers * Message Archiving *  

PMS Integrations

  • Anasazi’s GuestView
  • AutoClerk
  • Best Western’s Star 3
  • CFRC
  • Choice Hotels International
  • Computerized Lodging Systems (CLS)
  • Computel’s Inn-Control
  • Encore Systems
  • Fabco’s LodgeMaster
  • GEAC’s UX
  • Hilton PPIC
  • Homisco
  • Hotel Info Systems Lodging Touch
  • HSS Ltd. FrontClerk+
  • INSI WinInn
  • Mcorp ImagInn
  • Micros Systems Fidelio Multi-Systems Inc. (MSI)
  • National Guest Systems InnStar
  • Northwind’s Maestro (Canada)
  • Promus RBS’s Lodger
  • REMco’s Niteclerk
  • Resort Data Processing (RDP) Resort Systems Richie (Marriott Corp.)
  • Springer Miller Systems Host (SMS)
  • Sulcus Lodgistix
  • Sulcus wINNfinity


VSR provides global technical support directly through its offices in the United States and indirectly through its network of Dealers. VSR’s core business principles include providing customer support before, during and after the sale. We continuously strive to improve our support services and processes for our customers.

VSR provides free live telephone, web/chat, and email support to all ACTIVE Authorized Dealers and Distributors, and to an End User who has a valid END USER STANDARD OR PRIORITY Support Agreement in place.

Support is available to INACTIVE Dealers, Distributors and End Users who do not have a Support Agreement in place. Support is billed at a rate of $150.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum, during normal business hours and at a rate of $225.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum, for after hours support. All charges must be pre-paid with a credit card prior to receiving support unless billing terms have been pre-arranged.

Support hours (Pacific Time):

  • Normal Support Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Emergency Support Hours: Monday through Friday 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM, Saturday and Sunday

Support documents:

Voicentre Installer Manual

Voicentre Admin Manual

Voicentre Integration Quick Look Up